Fusion Blade

weapon (melee)

FusionBlade.jpgFusion Blade (TL8): An energy sword. Fusion Blades — like most free floating fusion energy tech — were developed from stolen alien technology. At the flick of a switch, a sword-shaped force field is created which instantly fills with plasma. Anything which comes into contact with this blade-shaped field can get severely damaged, similar to being hit by an energy bolt from a ranged weapon. Like blasters, fusion blades can leak through energy shields (forcefields).

Roll damage percentage normally, but on a roll of 2 or 3, these weapons completely ignore the effects of all forcefields. Effectively Add PENETRATING (FORCE FIELD) 10 (-200 force field) on a natural damage percentage roll of 2 or 3,

These swords are powered by a fusion cell, which lasts for 30 turns.

Fusion Blades are rarely made today; the tech know-how is arcane.

Damage is 60
Additional damage is based on the Special Attack linked to them.
Fusion Blades are considered a Major Gadget.


Fusion Blade

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