Melee - Fusion Blade

weapon (melee)

Fusion Blade (TL8): An energy sword. Fusion Blades — like most free floating fusion energy tech — were developed from stolen alien technology. At the flick of a switch, a sword-shaped force field is created which instantly fills with plasma. Anything which comes into contact with this blade-shaped field can get severely damaged, similar to being hit by an energy bolt from a ranged weapon. Like all blast weapons, fusion blades can leak through energy shields (forcefields).

Cost: 15000 considered an artifact – Fusion Blades are rarely made today; the tech know-how is arcane.
Worth: 9 Minor Gadgets
Tech level: 8
Damage: 60
Ammunition: These swords are powered by a fusion cell, which lasts for 30 turns.


Rumor says that an ancient Reikaw order of warrior monks carried these weapons, and were dedicated to justice, long ago.

Blast Weapons
Blast weapons can leak through energy shields. Roll Damage Percentage normally, but those dice which roll 2 or 3 they ignore shields. However, these weapons are dangerous; they have been known to blow up when treated badly. On a Damage Percentage roll of 20, the violent plasma energy overcomes the forcefield too quickly, and the weapon explodes, rendering it useless, and doing 100% damage to the user holding the weapon (ignoring their shields).

Melee - Fusion Blade

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