Frictionless Gel

Anti-kinetic, slippery goop


This amazing TL7 substance was first created during the Second Republic for use as a friction-less oil in advanced engines. However, someone early on realized it’s potential as a toy, and began marketing it as a “slimy fun gel for slick, slippery play”. It is applied to a surface (such as a piston or gear, existing suit of armor or human skin): after an hour of drying, its dried surface becomes friction-less. Obviously this can avoid a lot of kinetic damage, but if misapplied, can lead to pratfalls. The effects only last for a day before the substance dried out completely. Friction-less gel can be smeared over any type of armor. Modifiers stack in this case.

Add+2 to Melee Defense DCV checks while wearing any armor (or person) smeared with friction-less gel (for an hour). The cost is 500 falcons in order to have enough to cover a normal human-sized being.

This goop may also be used to make an area slippery or temporarily (necessitating Body+Acrobatics checks to keep from falling prone) or negate friction (for an hour). Those with the Cat-Like balance movement power can slide around on the goop at normal speed (and probably find it fun to do so).


Frictionless Gel

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