Facial Scanner

A computer designed to note notables (major gadget)


This simple hand-held device makes social intercourse much easier. It can store the images of over a thousand human and alien faces, recording not only the identity of an individual, but also notations that the user wishes to remember. For instance, if a merchant in the Galactic Imperium runs into a noble and his entourage, the scanner can retrieve the previously scanned and notated noble’s name, his proper title, notes on his proficiency and weaknesses at fencing, records or his last three affairs, the identity of his bodyguard, and highlighted notes on which archbishop’s name one should never repeat in his presence.

The device is stored in a small satchel that is worn over the shoulder. It is equipped with a discrete lens for observing, a microphone for recording, an earphone for advising, and a rechargeable solar battery pack. Noble families have also been known to hand them down from generation to generation.

Cost: 700 GC


Facial Scanner

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