Expedition Medpac

A Special Medpac Designed to Counteract Poisons


Expedition Medpac

TL5 These stainless-steel, airtight canisters contain enough cotton gauze and tape to keep a small army well-bandaged. They also contain antiseptics, burn ointments and real medicines. Among the special equipment is a collection of anti-venoms for virtually every form of poisonous animal venom found on the planet of manufacture (the kits can be purchased for particular worlds) and live water purification tablets. The tablets are designed to treat as much as 50 gallons of water each, and are essential for offworld travelers. Also included in the kit is a 100-count supply of antihistamine tablets, more than enough to allow most people time to adjust to new environments.

At one time, the expedition medpac was considered essential for space travel. In addition to what is carried within the pack today, there were also immunization injections for virtually every planet. These days, the immunizations are far too expensive and far too unstable to add into the standard packages.


In addition to the bonuses provided by a standard Medpac, an Expedition Medpack provides a special +4 bonus to all poison related Mind Medicine checks.

Cost: 300 falcons. Weight:7 kgs.

Expedition Medpac

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