Ranged - Chaldathan Shock Lance

A multi-purpose weapon favored by the Chaldathan Swarm

weapon (ranged)

Aside from the Chaldathan Beam Rifle, the shock lance is the second most common weapon among the Chaldathan infantry. In melee it acts like a glaive or partisan; a bladed staff capable of repelling direct attach and levying one of it’s own in return, while at range it is a passable rifle, capable of moderate to low damage.

Like the Beam Rifle, it comes in a high and low energy format, though the high energy format is rarer and for special missions and officers, the high-energy version is capable of striking normally incorporeal objects and enemies. The beam rifle is mass produced, not by the Chaldathans themselves, but by another race who they themselves have conquered.

Chaldathan Shock Lances are considered an Item of Power, produce the equivalent of a level 3 special attack at range, (up to 60 damage) and they may be loaded with a number of energy-based rounds, including Blast Bullets, which have a chance to overcome force-fields.

In melee, to spite the name, it is rare to see a shock lance actually equipped for shocking damage. The ‘shock’ refers to shock troops, though in rare cases, a Lance may be customized as an ‘actual’ shock weapon for melee.

(this weapon is a two-handed weapon)

(This weapon takes Energy Cells for the corporeal-only version and the non-corporeal effecting weapons take Fusion cells)


Ranged - Chaldathan Shock Lance

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