Chaldathan Queen Royal Jelly

Strange goo with seductive qualities


The rare Royal Jelly secreted by a Chaldathan Queen during her birthing cycle is highly prized as an aphrodisiac, and has various other psychoactive qualities that have been the subject of much debate, and indeed commerce.

Whether or not the jelly actually produces arousal cross-species is debatable, and the substance is so rare that no formal scientific inquiry has yet been concluded due to a number of mysterious reasons.

Rumors of an enhanced, refined version of the gelatinous goop that when ingested by scent or as food produce highly suggestible mind-control-like effects also exist, though it’s not commonly known if this is at all true, let alone available. Lots of sapients will sell such a miracle goo, yet extra-ordinarily few of these intergalactic shysters turn out to sell a product that actually approximate the abilities mentioned.


Chaldathan Queen Royal Jelly

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