Armor - Chaldathan Elite Armor

The armor of Chaldathan Swarm Elites


Only the highest-ranking officers and guardians of the Chaldathan hive Queen are afforded this gold and ceramsteel armor, which offers not only a severe ceremonial beauty, but also an extremely effective armor. Each piece of Chaldathan Elite armor is hand-crafted by slave races who have mined and refined the ores necessary for the armor, piece by piece. Delicate circuitry surrounds a fusion power core set into gold-etched ceramsteel plating, while internal gel-packs ablate incoming attacks. Elite armor is both effective and intimidating in battle. Elite Chaldathan warriors will die for their hive Queen to a sapient, and this armor makes sure that takes as long as possible to happen. There certainly are better armors in the galaxy, but few are worn with such fanatical pride.

These Items of Power are occasionally customized with software or hardware packages that improve physical strength and dexterity, allow for greater leaping, flight, enhanced targeting, or even greater damage ablation. Most are capable of having a force-field emitter added, however this is almost unheard of, due to the tech-level needed for such a thing. By default however, Chaldathan Elite Armor offers 5 levels of Armor (50 points).

Cost: 500 GC


Armor - Chaldathan Elite Armor

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