Ranged - Chaldathan Beam Rifle

The standard weapon of the Chaldathan Swarm

weapon (ranged)

A staple of the Chaldathan military, the most common battle rifle of the Chaldathan Swarm, the Beam Rifle is capable of moderate damage and comes in a high and low energy format, though the high energy format is rarer and for special missions and officers, the high-energy version is capable of striking normally incorporeal objects and enemies. The beam rifle is mass produced, not by the Chaldathans themselves, but by another race who they themselves have conquered. Both the Ka’Hadan Empire and the Zon Gra Protectorate know these weapons well, and know to fear them.

Cost: 4000 Falcons
Worth: 8 Minor Gadgets
Tech level: 7
Damage: 80

Ammunition: Fusion (Blast Bullets)
(Energy Cells)
(Holds 30 in a clip)


Chaldathan Beam Rifles are considered an Item of Power, produce the equivalent of a level 4 special attack, (up to 80 damage) and they may be loaded with a number of energy-based rounds, including Blast Bullets, which have a chance to overcome force-fields.

Ranged - Chaldathan Beam Rifle

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