Cultural Adaptation Projector used for universal communication.


The Cultural Adaptation Projector is a common item among diplomats and spies that uses a subtelepathic wave picked up by all forms of recording devices. Both the wearer and the audience hear or see what is expected from the conversation or text. The theory behind its creation was that all communication is derived from a common need of expression. Thus two people, homogeneous or otherwise, would be able to communicate if the language barrier was broken down and restructured for better discourse using a consensus based telepathic field. This has the unfortunate side effect of breakdown when too many colloquial or slang terms are used, as they often have far too much subtext to be properly translated.

In order to create proper expectation, the ring also allows the wearer to take on the physical characteristics common to another race. This trait is also psionic in nature, but is mind over body rather than simple illusion.

Note: Expectation is often up to the viewer, but it is assumed that like is of like, so a white kid in the U.S. would be commonly expected to speak English. However that same kid on another planet would likely be speaking whatever the locals are speaking.

Cultural Adaptation Projector “CAP-stone”
(Item of Power I: Cosmetic Changes, Tongues II, Divine Relationship III (social interaction checks only))



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