Bunker Bracer

Portal to the last bastion of Iktojian culture


Bunker Bracer

Item of Power lvl 3
Not easily taken/Worn regularly 4 pts/lvl
Restriction, requires mind+computers roll to activate
Backlash lvl 3
Failure to activate causes user to be struck by random object or creature from The Bunker

Pocket Dimension lvl 5, 1,000 square meters
Can only be opened by Bunker Bracer, 3 pts/lvl
Detectable lvl 3
Dimensional, Sight, Sound, Vibration, Electromagnetic, Radiation
Unique Flaw
Most recent apeture can be forced open from outside with appropriate power
Activation Time lvl 4, 1 minute
Concentration lvl 2

Force Field lvl 2
Area lvl 2, 2 m

Special Movement lvl 1
Dimension Hop, The Bunker


This bracer can emit a powerful forcefield to protect its wearer and also opens a gateway to a shard dimension called The Bunker.
The was the first invention of Arthur Fex, although it is arguable if it is truly his invention. Arthur built these bracers when he first began manifesting the abilities of The Maker and did so in a fugue like state. Arthur suspects that the original device and the pocket dimension within were first created by one of his Maker predecessors when it became clear the Iktojians would not survive their war with the enemy.

Bunker Bracer

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