Bleed Damper

An anti-bleed field generator required on all jump gate capable ships in the Galactic Imperium


One of the commonplace requirements of a Guild Shofar pilot’s license or captain’s charter in the Galactic Imperium, or a Guild Ingenium‘s certification is what’s called a Bleed Damper. Even the non-superstitious among the Zon-Gra Protectorate think it wise to have one.


These devices present on every modern starship and prevent pilots and passengers from experiencing the un-dampened Bleed a supposedly vision inducing or occasionally addictive ecstasy associated with jump gate travel. Those who actively (and illegally in most space-faring cultures) seek this experience are called the Bleedtouched and cults of them can be found in hidden enclaves, particularly throughout the Galactic Imperium, where bleed dampeners may be a thousand years old and held together with spit and bailing wire.

Bleed Damper

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