Ammo - Blast Bullets

Explosive rounds


Blast Bullets (TL6): Blast Bullets have a special charge of stored plasma which is released upon impact.

As with many energy weapons, these capsules can leak through energy shields, although not as effectively (only on damage percentage rolls of 2). Effectively Add PENETRATING (FORCE FIELD) 10 (-200 force field) on a natural Damage Percentage roll of 2 or 3.

These cannot be made in calibers below .40.

All explosives count as minor Gadgets except a satchel charge, which is treated as a major Gadget.

Costs: Standard ammunition costs depend upon the availability of the ammo and caliber (size). The cost of clips or magazines to hold the ammo is usually 1/10th the cost of the gun.

Blast Weapons
Blast weapons can leak through energy shields. Roll Damage Percentage normally, but those dice which roll 2 or 3 they ignore shields. However, these guns are dangerous; they have been known to blow up when treated badly. On a Damage Percentage roll of 20, the violent plasma energy overcomes the forcefield too quickly, and the weapon explodes, rendering it useless, and doing 100% damage to the user holding the weapon (ignoring their shields).

Ammo - Blast Bullets

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