Vehicle - Beast Cart

A common cart for serfs and low-tech worlds


Beast Cart

Speed Armor Fuel Range Cargo Passengers
10 km/hr* 2 (20) Feed 50 km 1 Ton 1/12

*beasts can only maintain this pace for a short time. Usually the cart travels at 1/2 this speed.

HP: 50
Weapons/Special attacks: Occasionally natural weapons (tusks or horns)
Tech Level: 1-4
Falcon Cost: 10


This rugged cart appears anywhere beasts of burden are found, and is a preferred means for getting crops to market. Most serfs who own one built it themselves or inherited it from their parents. They yoke a team of two to eight beasts to the cart and away they go. The above traits are for an unloaded cart with a two-beast team. Extra beasts will not increase the cart’s speed (beasts of burden can only run so fast) but they will increase the amount of cargo they can pull.

Beast Craft
Carriage.jpgThe most common vehicles in the Galactic Imperium are powered by the muscles of beasts, slaves and serfs. These include Beast Carts, carriages and Amatsukami rickshaws. On poorer planets, even nobles use these vehicles more than any others. The common form of transportation for most serfs is the wagon or cart – a four wheeled wooden box drawn by a creature; a beast of burden of some kind. Many configurations of beasts of burden exist in the galaxy. capable of surviving in a wide variety of terrains and biomes, but most beasts of burden are defined by their relatively docile natures and ability to pull a lot of weight without too much complaint. (More fierce, but still trainable beasts are often used as mounts in combat on low tech level worlds, or to aid with hunting or tracking, or carrying short messages from place to place quickly). Horses and oxen are also common on some worlds, though many have long since been hybridized with other, hardier alien creatures, or in some cases, even genetically modified (though likely not recently).
Funeral.jpgMost wagons are actually very well manufactured, but they are hardly works of art in most cases. On many planets, wagons function as roaming homes. More durable models are known, as are those with collapsible roofs, which allow the wagoneer to travel in the roughest terrains or through truly nasty weather with little or no fear. Most are designed such that only a severe catastrophe will capsize the wagon and it’s passengers. They are usually built from local resources, primarily wood, with some metal for reinforcement. An average wagon can carry six comfortably, along with their possessions and ample food supplies. Beasts for pulling wagons are sold separately, some assembly required. Wagons have been a staple on many of the more remote worlds for a long time. Having learned from their ancestors’ hubris, many cathedrals of the Sectus created local laws minimizing the use of mechanized flight and ground transportation – for serfs at least; most freemen suffer under no such law. It is possible for some advanced carriages to be above the lower tech levels, up to as high as tech level 4, however this is not common. Costs of these more ‘high tech’ carts vary.

Vehicle - Beast Cart

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