A computer designed for piloting (major gadget)


A computer designed to perform basic pre-programmed piloting tasks, or assist with a pilot. With an auto-pilot computer, a ship can basically pilot itself, however it must be given a destination to which it will plot the best course. Giving it extra parameters helps (i.e., you need to get there faster rather than safer). Some autopilots have emergency landing routines whereby they will choose the destination themselves (the closest, safest landing or orbit).

Programmed in Tambda or Maxima V.V (for Sectus vessels) or Krë. Presumably the Jith also have their own programming language as well, though no group has spent a lot of effort to attempt to decipher it.

The cost for the hookups is 500 GC, plus 5000 GC for the software. Gadget costs are shown on the Starships page.



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