Vehicle - Air Yacht

An ostentatious method of air transport


Air Yacht

Speed Armor Fuel Range Cargo Passengers
750 km/hr 8 (80) Fusion 3000 km 2 Tons 2/12

Weapons: None
Tech Level: 6
Falcon Cost: 25,000


AirYachtInterior.jpgThe air yacht is a true luxury flitter, capable of flying at high speeds or hovering imperiously off the ground. it’s crew consists of a pilot and co-pilot, both of whom need the Pilot Aircraft skill. While one person can pilot in a crisis, two are always recommended. It can seat 12 passengers in extreme comfort, and more if needed. Of course, an air yacht’s traits hardly reflect it’s true value. It’s primary purpose is to impress other nobles, and to this end, its owner will customize it in a dozen different ways – reentry ability, gold trim, retractable roof, arboretum, in-air torture chamber, etc.

A custom flitter is the surest sign that a noble has made it. These expensive flying machines make jaunts around a planet that take no time at all, and these are the machines peasants think of when they hear about nobles travelling around their fiefs. While this category includes everything from propeller-driven biplanes to custom antigrav yachts, most people think of the grand noble air yacht when they think of these vehicles.

Vehicle - Air Yacht

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