A sentient encyclopedia (Major gadget)


Advisor (TL8): This is a crude artificial intelligence that can offer advice on any number of subjects. It does far more than store and retrieve information. It interprets, extrapolates, compares and contrasts, and even offers personal opinion. It is, for all intents and purposes, a sentient computer. This is balanced by its temperamental nature, the random short circuits in its Galateum circuitry matrix, and its occasional psychological quirks. Each advisor develops its own personality, which can consist of anything from a fictional archetype to an officious mediator.

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning advisor can be a pain. It might say that it does not want to reveal an answer (for the user’s own good, of course) or engage in frustrating demands for more information in exchange. (“Quid pro quo, citizen. Quid pro quo!”) Like a wide variety of surviving TL8 devices, it is despised by its owners almost as much as the Inquisition. This has reduced its price considerably. With the pragmatism of the modern age, many devotees of tech state that they would rather follow their own advice.

Using an Advisor is normally a Mind + Computers roll, but rolls of Mind + Social Science are not uncommon with recalcitrant models.

Cost: 3000 GC



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