A bookkeeping computer (minor gadget)


Accountant ( TL4): With an Accountant computer, users can add +2 bonus to target number to any math-based or mercantile skill. Most programs run on Maurocastrum or Scade.

Cost: 600.


Accountancy engines were once an integral part of Second Republic businesses, but the average modern merchant considers them to be far more useful as paperweights. Detailed programs integrate a host of factors, including depreciation of goods, loss of income from funds that could have been gathering interest in Republic banks, opportunity costs, and shortcuts in long-since defunct tax codes. Users that can silence these babbling subroutines, however, will be able to keep track of their business with double-entry bookkeeping and a basic adding machine. The Money Dealers have the current patent on this type of machine, although their reprogrammed versions are very difficult to use. Only desktop models are known, which store data on internal drives or standard crystals.


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