A.R.C. Kit

Automated Robotic Construction Kit


Item of Power lvl 3 (A.R.C. Kit)
Hand Held/Easily Taken 3 pts/lvl
Restriction, requires mind+electronics roll to activate
Activation Time lvl 2 1 round
Backlash lvl 3
Failure on skill roll creates uncontrolled/wild robot

Robot Summon lvl 1 (1 robot at a time)
“Area” 7 35 build points for summons
Duration 5, 1 hour
Detectable lvl 2
Human Sight, Sound, Infared


The Automated Robotic Construction Kit is a highly advanced tool developed by Arthur that internally stores blueprints for a variety of specialty servitor units and then “prints” them using hard light technology. These robots are not possessed of free will and simply act according to their primary programming and immediate instructions.

A.R.C. Kit

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