XytXyl (The Omen)

A lanky multi-limbed insectoid confined to a suit


If you can coerce or force a Klackon from its suit you would be face to face with an humanoid ant like creature. Their bodies are hard yet smooth due to their Chitin exoskeleton. Like their earth counterparts they have compound eyes made from many tiny lenses, but unlike their counterparts their eyes a more slender and closer to the face to give them a more human like image. The sub race Tachidi evolve more to look like humans for unlike their Klackon brethren their bodies are no longer separated into three segments with their abdomen and thorax becoming one and slimming down to give them their more human like appearance. They are also very commonly a multi limb creature though some may have multiple arms and some may have multiple legs. Their “hands” are more like three fingered claws used for digging through the earth or through their enemies; being travelers they are not often seen for they are covered by their suits, some however have managed to work their suits so they can use their blade like claws.

am_26_military_suit_by_dasoong-d78fcwo.jpg- Learning mod

8adb1e8acac3924b1b8bb7da84b30614.jpg- Stealth/tactical mod

IM8cCrbmi7YP05DiXut4SR0zE7tA6Inuf5PuJeHfsLQ.jpg-Jungle/Desert mod

4_13.png- Under water mod


Space is vast and endless but to Xytxyl that couldn’t be farther from the truth. His race has always shown potential into gaining powers during birth giving each of them a role within the colony. When he was conceived his mother showed that he was going to have the abilities of a great combatant and warrior. it wasn’t until he had seen six solar cycles when it was realized he was not going to inherit the powers his mother had shown he was going to gain. He was marked as a powerless and treated like such. it wasn’t till his tenth cycle that it began; more and more children of the Tachidi were becoming of age with out their powers. The council of elders called him an omen of the dying age and that it was time to find a new home to settle. They first took a planet they saw was abandoned. he stayed with the colony till he was fourteen and was taken again upon the ships to scout for a better home. Two more solar cycles passed till they found a new home. His father and his men told and explained to the ship that the planet is filled with value but they needed to teraform it so we could settle. Unknown to most though their ship, no their people, didn’t have that kind of technology but it was a cover up to the fact that they were using and orbital cannon to wipe out a small civilization upon the planet. Shortly after this event is when he was sent to a forgotten planet called earth. His elders spoke of such a wonderful place but the air burned us and the micro-organisms could kill us. His father, the commander of the ship, sent him to earth to learn about the race that inhabits the land as well as it is hope that with him there the Tachidi race can continue.

After Landing upon earth he was paired with his foster family and was told that the Tachidi had also sent an ambassador down around the same time. It was explained that is where he would be able to collect the medicine he would need to continue on earth. His first time getting his refill for his nitrogen depressant pills is when he found out his mother Cyxeal was the ambassador that they had sent down. His questions fell upon deaf sensors for it was ordered that we stayed separated so we could focus on our missions that given to us.

Foster Parents:

Erica Sutton (Erica Price) is a petty criminal in her late 20’s who is posing as a normal suburban mother. She is very tall and lean with aging girl-next door features, very short, brown hair, and grey eyes. She is annoyed by geeks, but a sucker for modern art. Erica has a weakness for wrath, and strives for generosity. She lives with her fish and boyfriend who believes he is her husband. Her lucky number is 25 and she’s a complete germaphobe.

William Price is a physicist in his late 40s. He is average height and frail with planed features, medium, straight, black hair, and pale green eyes. He is annoyed by the adoration of the masses, but a sucker for unique problems of any sort. William has a weakness for lust, and strives for temperance. He lives with his “wife”. His birthday is in the first month of the year.

XytXyl (The Omen)

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