Lunari, Tel'Tho'a Glenmoira


Foster Mother & Father

Tarron Glynmoira is a reanimator in her late 200s. She is very short and slim with sharp features, medium, wavy, reddish brown hair, and green eyes. She is annoyed by the adoration of the masses, but a sucker for fancy parties. Tatton has a weakness for sloth, and strives for humility. She lives with her balrog and dog and husband. Her favourite season is summer.

Illithor Glynmoira is a software programmer in his 380s. He is tall and thin with strong features, short, red hair, and pale green eyes. He is annoyed by dudes/damsels in distress, but a sucker for foriegn customs/accents. Illithor has a weakness for wrath, and strives for temperance. He lives with his Balrog dog and wife. His favourite color is red-orange.

Lunari, Tel'Tho'a Glenmoira

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