Golem, Professor Odysseus

A Golem of particular distinction


“Of course I remember the halcyon days of the Second Republic. I was brought to consciousness during the presidency of Cohren the firs- no wait, Cohren was the Emperor… The president was… um… er… what was the question?”

Professor Odysseus’s appearance is similar to that of a companion or scout, but his bearing is of a more professorial and academic disposition. Physiologically, if one may use the word, his age appears to be in his mid-thirties, although he has memories of being a librarian android and technical consultant long ago. For no discernible reason, he smokes a pipe. It can give him no pleasure, but his companions at the Academy Interatta find it appropriate.

Today in the slowly advancing world of the the Galactic Imperium, most resurrected golems are a mockery of what they once were. Treated as slaves, grunts and expendable citizens in ancient times, they have been resurrected to serve once again. If the All-Maker made man in His image then golems are a reflection of many of humanity’s baser traits: it’s brutal tendency towards war, it’s callous tendencies to enslave the weak and exploit the disenfranchised, and it’s hubristic desire to learn more than humans can understand. Perhaps the Sectus Inquisition is justified in expunging all evidence of these atrocities.


In the midst of the Inquisition, there are scientists who demand that golems have a right to exist. Among their strongest arguments are a few advanced golems who hare sophisticated enough to have petitioned for citizenship within the newly constructed Imperium. They defy categorization, demanding instead that they be called by their chosen names. “Professor” Odysseus is one such example.

He has chosen to erase most of his memory, forsaking the past to understand the present. Portions of his mental matrix are shut down from time to time, as he uses them to analyze the viruses trapped inside him. Odysseus is insistent that he be treated as any other citizen, and he demands the right to travel freely throughout the Imperium. The slavery to which golems are subjected appalls him, yet he remains the foremost expert on their design. For this reason, he has an honorary title of “Professor” within the Ingenium, and he consults with them frequently. Odysseus is one of the last hopes that his race will not only be resurrected, but redeemed.

Golem, Professor Odysseus

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