Drakonai, Moranai Maximovich

A rare, dragon-like species


TRISTAT ((20*2 = 40))
Body – 8
Mind – 6
Soul – 6

Skills 2
Highly Skilled II ((2*1=2))
(6)Acrobatics I, (1)Languages I (English), (2)Navigation I, (3)Stealth I, (1)Wilderness Survival I, (2)Wilderness Tracking II
(10)Special Ranged Attack-Breath Weapon I, (8)Unarmed Attack I (Claws), (8)Unarmed Defense II (Strikes)

Personal Attributes 17
Combat Technique ((4*1=4))
:Blind Fighting, Lighning Reflexes, Two Weapons 2
Heightened Awareness +I ((1*1=1))
Telepathy (Only with Drakoni) +((2*2=4))
Superstrength II ((2*4=8))

Ice Caste Attributes 14
Adaptation – Extreme Cold ((1*1=1))
Special Defense – Cold Attacks (+3) ((1*1=1))
Special Attack ((3*4=12))
:Breath Weapon (cold)
::Area Effect 1, Tangle, Shot Range, Limited Shots (One time, one turn reload) 2
:::Base Damage – 60

Ice Caste Defects -4
Achilles Heel 2
Involuntary Change (Back to Natural Form; under extreme stress; Body Check @ -2) 2

Racial Stuff = 11
Armour I (Detectable: Scales) ((1*3-1=2))
Features – Wings, Scales ((1*2=2))
Flight II (Glider, 50 kph, Detectable: Wings, Restrainable) ((2*2-2=2))
Heightened Awareness I ((1*1=1))
Heightened Senses Type II @ I (Infravision) ((1*1=1))
Natural Weapons I (Claws – 10 damage) ((1*1=1))
Telepathy II (Only with Drakoni) ((2*2=4))
Alternate Form : Cosmetic Change (Activation Time 3, Imperfect) ((1*2-4=1))
Marked – Lizard-like features ((3))


Foster Parents

Whitney Maximovich is a accountant in her late 30s. She is above average height and muscular with round features, very short, pale brown hair, and dark hazel eyes. She is annoyed by complete honesty, but a sucker for spicy food. Whitney has a weakness for lust, and strives for kindness. She lives with her three dogs and her husband. Her birthday is in the second month of the year.

Alex Maximovich is a urban planner in his mid 30s. He is very tall and frail with strong features, very short, curly, red hair, and blue green eyes. He is annoyed by angst, but a sucker for dudes/damsels in distress. Alex has a weakness for wrath, and strives for diligence. He lives with his three dogs and wife. His favorite season is summer.

Paladin Boxer – Cisco
English Setter – Bubbles
British Poodle – Snowflake

Drakonai, Moranai Maximovich

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