Koosh Malone

A former slave, turned refugee


Body 10
Mind 10
Soul 4

Vulnerability (Psionics)
Recurring Nightmares
Less Capable (Willpower)
Special Requirement (Must eat 1/2 body weight in food every day)

Extra Arms Level 10 (500 extra arms)
Elasticity Level 5 (x10 stretch, 5 Unarmed Attack/Defense (Grappling))
Environmental Influence Level 1 (Bioluminescence)
Regeneration Level 1 (5hp/round)
Special Defense Level 4 (Air x2, Poison x2)
Natural Weapons Level 1 (Tentacles) (2 Unarmed Attack/Defense (Grappling), Opponent -2 DCV)
Highly Skilled Level 7 (70 Skill Points)
Gadgeteer Level 1 (2x normal building rate)
Adaptation Level 8 (acidic/basic liquids, extreme pressure, intense cold, intense heat, noxious gases, radiation, underwater, vacuum)
Special Movement Level 7 (Cat-Like, Light-Footed, Slithering, Swinging/Brachiating, Wall-Bouncing, Wall Crawling (2))

Special Attack Level 1 (Body +3 check or paralyzed, Body -1 check or -2 on all checks to do anything for rounds=number failed by)
Abilities: Aura (2), Incapacitating (3), Irritant
Disabilities: Melee (2), Low Penetration x2 (can’t penetrate clothing), Toxic, No Damage

Unarmed Defense Level 1 (Grappling)
Unarmed Attack Level 1 (Grappling)
Mechanics Level 3 (Aeronautical, Locksmith, Micro)
Electronics Level 3 (Robotics, Security, Sensors)
Burglary Level 1 (Hot-Wiring)
Computers Level 1 (Networks)
Demolitions Level 1 (Artificial Structures)
Acrobatics Level 1 (Jumps)
Languages Level 1 (English)
Physical Sciences Level 3 (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics)
Social Sciences Level 3 (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology)
Stealth Level 2 (Concealment, Silent Movement)
Piloting Level 1 (Spacecraft)
Biological Sciences Level 3 (Ecology, Zoology, Botany)


Koosh’s people evolved on a lush swampy world full of life and resources. Before the war the home world was an idyllic place in the midst of a golden age. Their society was prosperous and peaceful full of brilliant scientists, philosophers, engineers, mathematicians, and artists of all callings. In Koosh’s people’s entire history they had never once warred against each other and had a remarkable sense of unity as a people thanks to a racial memory passed down throughout the ages. Then the ships came.

Koosh’s people greeted the strangers openly however they did not care to make allies. The invaders needed the resources of the planet in order to fuel their war effort and as far as they were concerned, the indigenous life was hardly worth considering. They murdered thousands before realizing that they had found an ideal slave race. The invaders captured as many of them as they could find and began years of subjugation and hideous torture.

They were starved and shocked and forced to breed. They were sent into every imaginable inhospitable environment to do menial labor. They were expected to perform the most dangerous repair jobs with little to no regard for safety or lives lost. And at the slightest sign of resistance or reluctance they were subjected to psionic torture which erased all sense of self and individual cohesion causing them to melt into a pile of goo that took hours to reform from and leaving mental scars that would never heal.

Koosh’s people are asexual but require multiple parties to breed. Koosh was born from the budding of two slaves and has all the memories of their horrible lives since leaving the home world. Its people’s racial memory is still intact although it has been fragmented from the torture. Now that it is free, Koosh hopes to repair its memory and regain all of its people’s lost history and culture.

Koosh’s people’s native language didn’t have spoken nouns in the same way as other languages. The best translation of their species name for themselves is ‘they who devour’ and their home world was ‘the place of consumption’. Koosh’s name is aproxamately ‘that which consumes thought’ although since coming to earth and discovering it’s resemblance to a popular children’s toy it has decided to go by Koosh to assist it in communicating with more linguistically challenged species.

Koosh’s species begins life very small and knowing little. As they eat and grow however, they gain mass which allows them to digest and understand more of their race’s memories but the greater mass requires more energy to stay alive. Before the invasion the ancient ones were the size of buildings requiring massive amounts of food to survive but they were valued members of society because they could remember their people’s history all the way back to the dawn of time.

Foster Parents:

Name: James Malone
Age: mid 30s
Profession: customs agent
Height: very short
Body Type: solid
Features: plain
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: medium, straight, light brown
Annoyed by: flattery
Sucker For: gratuitous TV violence
Favorite Sin: lust
Favorite Virtue: diligence
Household: cat and dogs, wife
Birthday :fourth month of the year

Name: Elizabeth Malone
Age: mid 30s
Profession: roofer
Height: very short
Body Type: muscular
Features: rough
Eyes: blue
Hair: very long, dirty blonde
Annoyed by: get rich quick schemes
Sucker For: the status quo
Favorite Sin: lust
Favorite Virtue: humility
Household: two dogs, husband
Favorite drink: hot chocolate

The Khooshai Rebellion

In escaping the Sectus Inquisition Starship Absolution, Khoosh Malone, in a strained act of rebelliousness, wrote KHOOSH WAS HERE on his cell wall before escaping from the ship through the garbage chute. This had a strange effect on the other members of the Devourer race still trapped on the torture ship: It gave them hope. One thing led to another and soon there was a full-blown movement, it’s members known as the Khooshai.

Koosh Malone

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