Rondi, Es'u Oddyx

A military cadet turned refugee


Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow

Addicted By Bliss n Eso

Slow Down by Clyde Carson

Race: Rondi


80 base points

Rp: special defense: ageing 1, 1 point
Telekinesis: metal only, 2 points/level, 1 level, area 1, range 1, 4 points
Heightened senses: x ray 1 level, 1 point
Heightened awareness 1 level, 1 point
Totally : 7 point

Body: 7
Mind: 4
Soul: 5
32 points

Acv: 5b, 8m, 8r,
Dcv: 3b, 8m, 8r,
Health: 55
Energy: 45

Telekinesis: 5 level, area 5, range 3, 14 points
Heightened senses : x ray
Heightened awareness: 5 level, +10 CV bonus 4 point
Item of power: 1 level, 3 level, detectable sight sound metallic; armor shield only – shield of justice book, 5 level, blocks 100 damage 1 point
Gadgets: 2 level, major; hunting rifle 14 damage, spear; 10 damage,
minor; accursed +1 acv, rubber shots, flashlight attachment, concealable, 4 points
Combat technique: 7 level, accuracy 3, blind fighting, blocked ranged attacks, steady hand, weapons encyclopedia 7 points
Highly skilled: 10 level, +100 skill points, 10 points
Massive damage 1 level, +10 damage 5 points

Ism: 3oint
Sensory impairment sight: 1 point -2 on visual check

Skill points: 130 points
Acrobatics: 2/levels 12 points
Burglary 1/level 3 points
Climbing 4/level 4 points
Driving 1/level 1 point
Intimidation 2/levels 6 points
Languages 2/levels 2 points
Mechanics 1/level 4 points
Military science 2/level 8 points
Navigation 1/level 2 points
Police science 2 levels 8 points
Piloting 2/level 2 points
Slight of hand 1/level 3 points
Sports 4/level 4 points
Stealth 2/level 6 points
Gun combat 2level 16 points
Melee attack 3/level 21 points
Melee defence 3/level 21 points
Ranged defense 2/level 24 points

Classes: chemistry of foods, pe, environmental science, law, fire science

After school: blacksmithing, track and field

Foster Dad:

Johnathan Steele tall, olive skin, black hair, likes to stay fit. He is a child services attorney for the state for the last 15 years. Shares his wife’s for wild animals and regularly donates to several wildlife sanctuaries


Rondi, Es'u Oddyx

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