Furbolg, Dillan Steel (Fur Ball)

Young, blue, four armed monkey


Body 9
Mind 10
Soul 5


Racial stuff
Extra Eyes 2, Tail, Blue fur, Adaptation Jungle heat, extra arms, wall crawling, Swinging.

Special attacks lvl 2 web snare
Flexible, tangle, short range, no damage,

Special movement lvl6 balance, cat like, swinging, wall bounce, wall crawling

extra arms lvl2
heighten senses lvl2 sight +8

gagdits lvl1
highly skilled 10

Acrobatics 3
sports 5
climbing 2
culture arts 1
architecture 2
Domestic arts 4
foreign culture 3
gaming 4
languages 5
stealth 1
wilderness tracking 1
wilderness survival 5
piloting lvl 3
physical sciences 1
navigations 2 space and stars

Merits /Flaws
Famous 1 (space ball star)
ism 1 (alien)
weak point 1 tail -6 to hit
Girlfriend Dagnie

Theme song


Foster Parents:

Nicole Steele is a army officer (Lawyer, JAG) in her early 40s. She is above average height and muscular with smooth features, medium, curly, black hair, and dark brown eyes. She is annoyed by the status quo, but a sucker for wild animals of any sort. Nicole has a weakness for sloth, and strives for kindness. She lives with her hamster and husband. Her favorite drink is hot chocolate.

Furbolg, Dillan Steel (Fur Ball)

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