Golem, C4L4M17U5 (Cal)

A self-repairing robot of Iktosian design


Cal.v0.jpgFound hobbling about the innards of the Iktosian Colony Ship, C4L4M17U5 or ‘Calamitus’ or Cal, for short managed to repair himself using ‘spare’ bits of the Iktosian mothership over the course of centuries, resulting in a hodge-podge of ‘features’ crafted out of whatever was handy. Interestingly enough, the self-repair happened to include (accidentally) the stripping and overlaying of Galateum into the robot’s positronic matrix, resulting in a slight, but obvious sentience, and the ability to learn heuristically, a trait that assisted in allowing the robot to survive the long centuries.

Shortly after being discovered, he was reprogrammed, having been given the directive to no longer ‘procure’ parts from the mothership, and was fixed up by Arthur Fex, the Maker, both to Cal’s apparent surprise and delight.

Profoundly grateful to have a function again, Cal is a dutiful servant of the Maker’s wishes, and the Avalon, and has some interesting knowledge of the Makers’ history as well.

Cal is distinctively Iktosian in design now that he has been fully repaired, as evidenced by the distinctive, but highly motile three-fingered hands that are part of all Iktosian biology.


Cal’s sentience is somewhat limited, being primarily a robot whose programming is simply to serve and repair, however the advent of his personality, subservient though it may be, is perhaps more ‘true’ than specifically built constructs made for similar purposes, because of the nature of his accidental evolution to a sentient being by interlacing galateum to replace ‘normal’ circuitry. It’s possible that Cal may represent one of the few instances of ‘natural’ synthetic evolution to sentience in the universe, which provides opportunity for a wealth of philosophical and metaphysical questions.

Golem, C4L4M17U5 (Cal)

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