Lifari, Orion IX of House Vylace a.k.a. Ben Belt, Codename: Hunter

Son of Grand Protean Dahlia III of House Vylace, Emergent Protean Prince, Adept Third Petal of the Trade Initiative, Initiate Third Petal of the Thorn, Mediocre High School Student


Race: Lifari
Age: 177 Solar Cycles, or 16 Years by the maturity standards of Humans
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair: Violet (Blonde)
Eyes: Teal (Blue)
HP = 70(85) (Armor 2/20/20)
EP = 55
ACV = 7(9(10)) [Specialty-Specialty 12/12(13/13), Specialty-Specialty Defense 12(13)]
DCV = 5(6(7)) (DISC 9(10)) [Specialty 9(10), Melee/DISC 11(12) (Specialty 12(13)), Melee Defense 10(11) (Specialty 11(12)), Melee Defense/DISC 13(14) (Specialty 14(15))]

Cultural Adaptation Projector “CAP-stone” – Disguises features of wearer and emits a powerful sub-telepathic wave that stimulates linguistic understanding for both the wearer and the direct observer. (Item of Power I: Cosmetic Changes, Tongues II, Divine Relationship III (social interaction checks only))
Defense Integrated Systems Coordinator “DISC” – When normally functioning, this device worn on the forearm is a powerful tool for personal defense and remote interaction with nearby ships. Unfortunately, this DISC has been highly damaged and only retains what functionality it has due to regular maintenance. Force Field 60, +1 DCV, Symbiotic Embra Emission Drone, Long Range Dimensional Communicator (Item of Power II – Requires Maintenance, Unreliable: Force Field I – Area I, Detectable: Sight, Sound, Electromagnetic, Shield Only; Enhanced Stat [Body]: Dependent(Force Field), Only Applies to DCV checks, Body +3;Special Attack I – Dependent(Force Field) – Abilities: Indirect, Spreading, Tangle | Disabilities: Limited Shots 2, Short Range, Static, Unreliable | 60 Base Damage; Gadgets I, major: stellar satellite, minors: miniaturization; Dimension Hop)
M50 Power Armor Custom: No Vacuum or Pressure Adaptation, Add Extreme Cold and Heat Adaptation (Upgraded: Armor I, Special Movement: Balance, Catlike port suit modification)
Galactic Emerald – Comes in 1000 Energy Unit (Ems) Emerald that must be transfered using a special biotech gadget. (Item of Power IV – Confers no bonus to holder, cannot be upgraded or changed, requires minor gadget – Level 5 Bonus Cosmic Energy = 6,000)
Minor Gadget: Ceremonial Shortsword – 8(18) Muscle Powered, Melee, Concealable /26/20/13/7/(+1)
Minor Gadget: Ceremonial Shortsword – 8(18) Muscle Powered, Melee, Concealable /26/20/13/7/(+1)
(wealth) Minor Gadget: Shortsword – 8(18) Muscle Powered, Melee, Concealable /26/20/13/7/(+1)
Minor Gadget: Nunchuku – 6(16) Flexible, Muscle Powered, Melee /24/20/16/12/(+1)
Minor Gadget: Nunchuku – 6(16) Flexible, Muscle Powered, Melee /24/20/16/12/(+1)
Minor Gadget: Heavy Pistol (Accurized)– 12(22) Concealable, Short Range /30/24/19/13/(+1)
Minor Gadget: Heavy Pistol (Accurized)– 12(22) Concealable, Short Range /30/24/19/13/(+1)
Minor Gadget: Electric guitar and play kit
Minor Gadget: Multitool unit
Minor Gadget: Burglary Tools
Minor Gadget: High End Tablet Computer (Lifari translator installed)
Minor Gadget: Motorbike – Speed 180 | MB +1 | Size 1 | People 2 | Cargo 50kg | Armour 6* | Health 40 | Driving(Motorcycle)
Minor Gadget: Leather Jacket – Armour 2
Minor Gadget: Em Transfer Device

BODY – 8(11) | MIND – 6 | SOUL – 6

Artisan III (Carpentry, Metalworking, Leatherworking), Cultural Arts III (Art Appraisal, Galactic Legends, History), Domestic Arts III (Cooking, Cleaning, Interior Decoration), Etiquette III (High Class, Middle Class, Trade), Foreign Culture III (America, Mediterranean, The ZoneGra Protectorate), Intimidation III (Political, Business, Military), Law III (Civil, Criminal, Alien), Performing Arts III (Music, Singing, Speaking), Seduction III (Alien, Female, Male), Social Sciences III (Subterfuge, Politics, Empathy), Visual Arts III (Painting, Drafting, Video), Writing III (Academic, Poetic, Journalistic)
Biological Sciences II (Botany, Exobiology), Computers I (Databases), Electronics I (Communications), Forgery I (Paper Documents), Languages II (Alien Trade Sign, English), Management and Administration I (Marketing), Navigation I (Space), Piloting II (Mech, Spacecraft)
Acrobatics II (Tumbling, Jumps), Burglary I (Safe Cracking), Climbing I (Walls), Controlled Breathing II (Holding Breath, Slow Heart Rate), Driving I (Motorcycle), Medical I (Emergency Response), Military Sciences I (Weapon Recognition), Physical Sciences II (Astronomy, Mathematics), Poisons II (Alien, Synthetics), Police Sciences I (Ballistics), Powerlifting I (Bulky Objects), Stealth I (Silent Movement), Wilderness Survival I (Arctic)
Imperial Code Languages I (Tamda), Mechanics I (Gunsmith), Sports I (Track & Field)
Melee Attack III (Improvised, Sword, Nunchuku), Melee Defense III (Improvised, Sword, Nunchuku)

Attack Combat Mastery II
Combat Techniques – Accuracy, Blind Fighting, Blind Shooting x2, Block Ranged Attacks, Concealment, Judge Opponent, Lightning Reflexes, Portable Armory, Steady Hand, Two Weapons x4, Weapons Encyclopedia
Defense Combat Mastery I
Massive Damage I
Organizational Ties (ZoneGra Protectorate) I
Organizational Ties (Earth Corp) I
Wealth I (500,000)

Skeleton in the Closet 2 (Secret Identity)
Famous 1 (Noble birth)
Nemesis 1 (Rival classmate)
Red Tape 1 (Lifari Military Council protocols)
Red Tape 2 (Earth Corp)
Wanted 1 (Unknown faction)

Lefari Traits
Adaptation – Pressure, Underwater, Vacuum
Features – Produces an alluring scent
Regeneration I – Special Requirement (broad spectrum light), Detectable: Sight (that afterglow look, blood is white)
Special Defense – Ageing (slow), Disease (immune), Hunger (-), Pain (tolerant), Poison (reduced)
Superstrength – Limited Use: 10 minute rest for every 1 minute use
Unique Attribute – Breathes CO2, Expels O2
Marked – Skin, hair, and eyes are inhuman
Achilles Heel – Cold Attacks
Vulnerability – Extreme UV Exposure


Name: Orion IX of House Vylace, Second son to Grand Protean Dahlia III
Human Alias: Ben Belt
Occupation: Novice Protean of the 6th Branch
Cover Occupation: High School Student
Elements of a Super-Hero: ASRNf
Theme Song – Before I Leave This World – Ivan Torrent (Extended)
Anthem – Rise – Katy Perry (Instrumental)

Mother: Dahlia III of House Vylace, Grand Protean of the Lifari High Council
Father: Orion VIII of House Brayma, Zoan Patriarch (assumed deceased)
Adoptive Parents: Elisa and Casey Belt
Consultant: , Master of the Thorn

1st Quarter Schedule -
1st Art History with Mr. Troilus
2nd Latin with Mr. Abernathy
HOME with Mrs. Forrester-Guthrie
3rd Robotics with Mr. Hawkfoot
5th World History & Politics with Mr. Jenson
6th Statistics with Mr. Morahito
Extra Curricular – Cross Country/JROTC
Non-School Activities – Drummer for Metro Sexuals

2nd Quarter Schedule
1st Chemistry of Food with Mrs. Abernathy
2nd Law with Mr. Nelson
3rd Gymnastics Mrs. Storick
4th International Relations with Mr. Jenson
HOME with Miss Agrippa
5th ALTERNATING Botany with Mrs. Dean
5th ALTERNATING World Religion with Miss Carver
Extra Curricular – Cross Country/JROTC
Non-School Activities – Drummer for Metro Sexuals

All noble born Lifari are born on their home world of Zoa, and Orion was no different. One hundred and seventy seven cycles ago (approximately 161 years Earth time), in consummation of the bonding ritual between House Vylace and House Brayma, the seedling that would form Orion IX was produced. Unlike many of his cousins, Orion spent almost forty years exploring Zoa, watching its people, and observing the comings and goings of other cultures. While not unheard of, the length of time before he settled back to begin the process of becoming larna was of some distress to his parents, who worried that perhaps his seed had been destroyed by an unforeseen predator. Thankfully, their fears were put to rest, and Orion sprouted a strong and remarkable member of the Lifari race.

At the time of his emergence, he was, as is tradition, given the name of his father, a name unique to the Brayma line. The choice of representative house was of his choosing, and Orion was adamant in his desire to continue to explore and observe, so he chose Vylace, the house of military strength and diplomatic necessity. For his choice, he was sent for further schooling at the Umbral Trade Academy under the supervision of Andar of House Imaryn, a trusted confidant of the Grand Protean. Under his tutelage, Orion was instructed in the ways of martial combat in a very slow manner that emphasized combat as an art of diplomacy rather than warfare.

When Orion had learned the necessary skills to advance to the Second Petal of the Trade Initiative, he made his next formative choice: to align himself with the Protera’mehan, the military; or the Ditania’va, the diplomats. Many cycles passed before Orion made his decision, and during that time he was allowed to venture out on missions as a student of the arts. This time held some of his fondest memories as he met all sorts of interesting people and saw sights that he could not imagine as a seedling. Although he had a natural curiosity for cultural nuances and a friendly demeanor, he was more comfortable in smaller, intimate social situations ans showed an astounding amount of potential in combat. In the end, he believed that it was more prudent and more in line with his natural ability to join the Proteans, and so began his training in The Thorn, Zoa’s martial standard.

When Orion was told by his mother that he would be restationed to Earth along with a group of refugees, he was not surprised. What did surprise him, however, was the incredibly fast pace at which all the preparations were being made. Within only a few days (the equivalent to a human trying to pick up and leave in a few hours) Dahlia had her son’s paperwork, identity, and itinerary ready for his departure. Most surprising of all was the Ceremony of Heritage that took place in a rather rushed fashion just before Orion was to depart. In front of Zoan peers and a full Council gathering, including the rare physical presence of his mother, Orion IX of House Vylace was pronounced the Emergent Prince of the Protera’mehan, an honor that many other Proteans had been vying for for longer than Orion had been alive.

Under guard, with only a few precious belongings, and with fewer goodbyes, Orion was briefed and sent to meet up with the rest of the refugees. His first mission was to get lost in the crowd as quickly as possible and keep his true identity as obfuscated. Further instruction would be given as time progressed.

In the first couple weeks of being in school on Earth, he learned how difficult it is to blend in to a low tech society and stay under the radar. The many skills that he was trained in did not, reasonably, prepare him to play a role other than who he is. Thankfully, only one person has been able to figure out that he is more than what he seems, and there is one other that learned through necessity of circumstance. If he is to keep his identity a secret, he must learn who to trust and who to solidify lies with.

Elisa Belt – Fun, energetic, polite, and always ready to help out with any school function, Mrs. Belt is the pinnacle of overachieving mothers. Want friends over? “Of course. Are they going to be here for dinner? What do they like to eat?” Want a new bicycle? “Sure. Make sure you donate your old one, and also remember to take care of the cat while we are away.” Punched a kid at school? “Were you defending yourself or someone else? Yes? Good. Are you hurt?” Got a sports game? “Woo! Go Ben! Drown them in victory!” PTA meeting? “Hi, my name is Elisa, and I want to be your PTA president. Thank you.”

Casey Belt – Quiet, reserved, scholarly bank manager with some curious outlooks on life. Want friends over? “Not until you are done with your school work.” Want a new bicycle? “Not until you are done with your school work.” Punched a kid in school? “Is he or she in the hospital or otherwise critically damaged? No? Good. Don’t let that happen too often. Understood?” Got a sports game? “Not until you are done with school work.” PTA meeting? “Tell your mother.”

Keeping cover and being grouped together daily with a tight knit circle of extraterrestrials is tricky business. It was surprising to Orion that his lot would be thrown in with such an uncanny crew when the school system seems built to provide custom education to each student, provided enough students are in attendance. Whatever schemes are at work within the system, at least the student body seems too concerned with their own affairs to pay any real attention to the coincidence that is the alien class schedule. The only real pressure, as pointed out by his cover parents, is keeping up the facade of being less than his station, the perception that he is human is less important to his mission. Unfortunately, the longer he is on Earth, and the more he comes into contact with the growing menace here, the less he understands his mission.

Lifari, Orion IX of House Vylace a.k.a. Ben Belt, Codename: Hunter

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