Arthur Fex (Maker 50)

Young scion of a fallen people.


The Maker
Earth Name: Arthur Fex

Maker’s Log

Core Statistics
Body: 3
Mind: 10 (15)
Soul: 5

Derived Statistics
ACV: 8
DCV: 6
Health Points: 45
Energy Points: 105
Initiative: +8

Gadgeteer lvl 7
125x Faster
Concentration lvl 3
Special Requiment lvl 2
Must use gadgeteering for 6-8 hours a day or suffer debilitating headaches and eventual insanity. Similar to sleep deprivation.

Enhanced Attribute (Mind) lvl 5
Detectable lvl 2
Astral, Mental, Ethereal
Less Capable: Perception (-3) lvl 2
Always On

Base Points 6

Item of Power lvl 3 (Bunker Bracer)
Not easily taken/Worn regularly 4 pts/lvl
Restriction, requires mind+computers roll to activate
Backlash lvl 3
Failure to activate causes user to be struck by random object from The Bunker

Item of Power lvl 5 (S.E.M. Ring)
Not easily taken/Worn regularly 4 pts/lvl
Restriction, requires mind+physical science roll to activate
Backlash lvl 3
Failure on skill roll makes random target invisibile for 1 hour

Item of Power lvl 3 (A.R.C. Kit)
Hand Held/Easily Taken 3 pts/lvl
Restriction, requires mind+electronics roll to activate
Activation Time lvl 2 1 round
Backlash lvl 3
Failure on skill roll creates uncontrolled/wild robot

Special Defense lvl 2
Sleep x2

Highly Skilled lvl 3

Tech Sense lvl 3

Combat Maneuvers lvl 2
Portable Armory

Gadgets lvl 2, 16 minor Gadgets
Miniaturized Personal Computer, 8 minor Gadgets
Ease of Use, Reduced Sizex3, Concealment, Long Life, Encryption
Premium Medical Kit, 1 minor gadget
Premium Mechanical Kit, 1 minor gadget
Premium Bomb Disposal Kit, 1 minor gadget
Premium Electronics Kit, 1 minor gadget
Premium Forensics Kit, 1 minor gadget
Premium Archeology Kit, 1 minor gadget
Premium Survival Kit, 1 minor gadget
Encrypted hijacked cell phone, 1 minor gadget

Diminuitive lvl 1
Wanted lvl 3
Marked lvl 3
Ism lvl 3 (alien)
Skeleton in the Closet (Secret Identity)
Phobia (fire, mild)

General Skills
Base Skill Points
Highly Skilled lvl 3
Architecture lvl 1 (Starship Design)
Biological Science lvl 1 (Xeno-Biology)
Computers lvl 1 (Intrusion/Security)
Cultural Arts lvl 1 (History)
Demolitions lvl 1 (Bomb Disposal)
Electronics lvl 1 (Robotics)
Linguistics lvl 3 (English, Latin, Japanese)
Mechanics lvl 1 (Aeronautical)
Military Science lvl 1 (Intelligence Analysis)
Medical lvl 1 (Cybernetics)
Navigation lvl 1 (Space)
Physical Science lvl 1 (Physics)
Piloting lvl 5 (Spacecraft, Helicopter, Remote, Mecha, Jet Fighter)
Police Science lvl 1 (Forensics)
Power Usage lvl 1 (Projection)
Social Sciences lvl 1 (Psychology)


Arthur is a young Iktojian refugee that has found himself stranded on Earth while evading pursuit from the race responsible for the near genocide of the Iktojian people. Arthur is the fiftieth and perhaps final Maker and is actively hunted by this species, though he does not understand why. Choosing to hide in plain sight, Arthur has disguised himself as another alien species and is attempting to bury his presence in the bureaucracy of the American alien refugee system.

Arthur is only twelve solar cycles old and although his mental prowess and education is far beyond the average Earthling, Arthur is required to live with foster parents and attend a year at Garfield High due to his age and alien refugee status. In retrospect, he probably should have lied about his age.

While he possesses few powers of his own Arthur is capable of crafting extremely advanced technological devices even with his limited resources here on Earth. Thus far Arthur has spent his time on earth perfecting what he calls the Bunker Bracer , the first technological marvel he ever created.

Arthur’s Arrival on Earth
Arthur’s guardians were given a key to a jump gate on the edge of the Ikto solar system and they used this to jump several sectors away but were swiftly pursued by the enemy. In the twelve years since this exodus Arthur and his guardians have been involved in a constant and lethal game of cat and mouse. The Warden was lost when the enemy sabotaged a space station the trio were hiding in. Though the Warden was able to get Arthur and the Wanderer through an airlock into an escape vessel she had to stay behind and secure the airlock to prevent the vessel from being destroyed with the space station. The Wanderer and Arthur were separated when they were swept up in the refugee fleet that was fleeing to earth. During the chaos of landing on Earth, Arthur slipped in with a group refugees and used his S.E.M. ring to disguise himself as an unknown alien species.

Arthur’s Foster Parents:
Gabriel McDonald is a auto mechanic in his mid 40s. He is very short and lanky with closed features, short, curly, black hair, and green eyes. He is annoyed by office politics, but a sucker for expensive but uneccessary things. Gabriel has a weakness for lust, having entered into an affair with a client in the past, and strives for temperance. His birthday is in the eighth month of the year.

Danielle Gibson-MacDonald is a psychologist in her mid 30s. She is just below average height and thin with round features, long, light brown hair, and brown eyes. She is annoyed by excessive alcohol, but a sucker for strict regulations. Danielle has a weakness for avarice, and strives for patience. She lives with her husband. Her favourite color is dark green.

They live with his two dogs. Bingo and Spork

Theme song:

Arthur Fex (Maker 50)

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