Silver Age Beyond

The Aftermath of Bad Choices

Character Points = 87

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

An Apology
by Dillan Steele

“_I’m Sorry_

I would like to apologize for the events that happened Friday at the football game. This was supposed to be just a small little harmless prank. There were way more fireworks than could be predicted. I would like to apologize and remain anonymous. I’m sorry."

The Game

After the antics from the early part of the game, the Bulldogs weren’t doing so well. At some point they picked up more confidence and headed toward victory. The team still didn’t do as good as they could have, but they did some amazing work out there, and we are all proud of them. Hopefully, the positive attitude sticks around for the seasons to come.

The nomination tonight goes to Justin for many varied antics.



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