Silver Age Beyond


Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Pajama Day -
Spirit Award: Noah Nash _ Pop Culture Robe Master
The Onsie Award: Ileana Islam
Most Unkempt: Matthew McColley
The Nudist Award: Lucius Leonardi

Cowboy Day -
Spirit Award: Ben Belt _ Chaps for Chaps
The Wyatt Durp Award: Nolan Noack
Feelin’ Lucky (Otherwise known as the “stupidly tried to bring a gun to school” award.) Award: V’Hevi

What Not to Wear Day -
Spirit Award: Xyt Xyl _ Human avoidance tinfoil hat.
Ironically Dressed Award: Veronica Vanbeek
The Other Nudist Award: Dillan _ Fur and a Banana Hammock

Pirate Day -
Spirit Award: Esu _ First Mate for the Captain of the Megaverse
Cabin “Sexually Ambiguous Term” Award: Xelni
Best Hat Award: Ellyn Eells

Flannel Friday -
King & Queen of Homecoming
Marshall Moon, Krogga, Leif Laiche -Krogga Wins, Dillan Steel is Prince
Andera Abels, Nova Nunes, Zoe Zielke -Nova Nunes and Zoe Zielke Win as co-Queens, Mora as Princess

Homecoming Game: Bulldogs Win!

King of getting nominations is the great Zac!



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