Silver Age Beyond


Character Points = 89

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Space Invaders-
Not aliens in the traditional sense, instead actual invaders of personal space. We all dislike having our sacred shrines and special places intruded upon, but there are times when that kind of thing just can’t be helped. Unfortunately, no amount of cellophane or tin foil will keep people out forever, and any parahuman with omniscience can totally see you during your most private moments. Our only real defense is prevention, reaction, observation, boundaries, and extra signage… or PROBE for short. PROBE your pets, PROBE your parents, PROBE your siblings, friends, teachers, and especially your enemies. PROBE everyone!

Food Fact – Es’u’s kim chi will not be the tastiest thing ever made. In fact, you should probably run when he opens it.

The nomination for the night goes to Dan and Nicole, for sex talks.



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