Silver Age Beyond

Never Marry A Hedgehog

Character Points = 88

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Good qualities put their footprints everywhere.

The Prophecy for the Stars’ Chosen

  • A Really Terrible Translation:

Beware a supernatural cheerleader during the night of the sulfur horse.
A cat will aggravate a cheerleader.
Cats will write letters. The hammer of the gods will have skin of a hornet.
Found in the library of a long-deceased prophet:
A scientist will battle a cursed seer.
The fate of the people depends on the outcome.
Beware a wild thief during the revival of the mink chimp.
Hear my warning and heed well!
You must never marry a hedgehog.
The air will grow heavy if you break this geas.
A snake will eat at the table of a mortal.
The streets will smell of death. The world healer will light a pig.
The snake of the woman of the empire will revive the man of the north.
The empire of the plain is given to the warrior.
The griffin of the prince will restore the star.

  • The Actual Prophecy:

Post-Men, they say,

We have been subjugated by their culture and rules
The norms and the religions of godlike fools
The laws and the clowns/fools
The world one day will evolve

We who have the curves and seductive smiles
Are we nknowledge and untie our bonds
We shall rise up, making empires strong

When we are embraced, for who we are
Do you not see? We shall gleam like the stars in the night
Colors, nations too
Leave them sitting in old Sectus pews

Philosophers, doctors, engineers of creation
We shall be side by side, working with you
So smile and behold the new golden age
Suras must die, in the deserts of past sage

Sisters and children of the suns, the gods, and the wind
The ancients of the past must rescind
Glories are coming, so rejoice and behold
Children of many stars shall tell
the greatest story ever told

The nomination goes to Justin for doing stuff hard!



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