Silver Age Beyond

Boreal Boarding Bananza

Character Points = 89

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Aurora Over Aurora-
Friday night witnessed one of the strangest weather phenomenon’s in history, and in Seattle that means a great deal. A few reported seeing a strange streak in the sky, like a large strip of paper burning away, before the sky opened up in a freak rain storm. An out of the blue rain storm isn’t really a cause for a raised eyebrow, but this one was special, this one came with light blue waves of electromagnetic light: Otherwise known as an aurora. No one is yet sure what the direct cause is, but it is rumored that the rainfall was found to carry unusual amounts of colloidal silver.

Board Now!-
November is a strange month for outdoor x-sports, but they wouldn’t be x-sports without some extreme behavior. Dillian “Furball” Steele, a newcomer to both the skate park and Earth in general, came swinging into the spotlight with all six oh his stick. The competition was tight and there was a lot to strive for, but an aerial Tailspin flew the blue Furball into the lead with a fat wallet.

The nomination for tonight goes to Zac, Dan, and Justin for a whole bunch of different reasons.



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