Silver Age Beyond

Appraise This! ...Conclusion

Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Update on “Appreciate, Don’t Touch”-
One piece of art and at least one of the robbers got away, but due to the actions of some unlikely heroes, the majority of the operation failed. There is no clear reason as to why this day and this exhibit was chosen. However, the value of the items on display and the cultural significance of them are the likeliest options. The students that came back from that trip got to get out early, so jealy.
Editor’s Note: Jealy is not a word, please revise with actual English.

After field trip Round Robin completed…
Everyone has been offered 2 Chrisperience for writing about Mora’s parent’s dinner or about getting ready for homecoming.
The nomination goes to Kyle for having terrible taste in significant others.



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