Silver Age Beyond

Appraise This!

Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Appreciate, Don’t Touch -
Allegations were made that there were a handful of art thieves hanging around the Seattle Art Museum during Mr Troiles’s class outing. As far as has been reported, or not reported, no pieces were stolen and no one was arrested. This week’s exhibit would make a very tempting target to the unscrupulous, for multiple portraits from the classical greats adorn the halls for a very short engagement.
Further Development -
The culprits came back, and they may or may not get away with someone, but we have yet to have all the information.

Art Science -
Spooky brush at a distance is the theory that what inspires the hand while putting pigment to canvas also inspired the placement of the universe’s many objects. Of course, this theory is completely untested, but there are a strange similarity between the painting’s of humanity’s history and places or things that could not have easily been seen. Perhaps the dreams mortals dream really do take them to places beyond their imaginings.

The nomination goes to Elisa and Ian. Good job everybody!



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